Manish Papneja Memorial Sanatan Dharma College campus is 5 acres large and very green. It is the most convenient position, being only 2.5 kilometres from Pipli on the Kurukshetra-Main Road.


The library of the institute is well-stocked. It has a large number of books, as well as over forty national and international journals and publications. The library also has more than 10 newspapers, including business daily such as The Economics Times and Business Standards. Computers with internet access and e-journal access have been installed in the library for the benefit of students and faculty.

AC Computer Labs

The Institute features three air-conditioned computer laboratories, one of which contains over 180 machines. The internet lab is linked to the internet through a 1 MBPS RF connection.

Seminar Hall

The Institute features a completely air-conditioned seminar hall that seats more than 100 students. The seminar hall, which is equipped with an OHP, LCD projector, and the most up-to-date sound system, is utilised for class seminars and guest presentations.


The canteen is a gathering spot for students from various disciplines to mingle and enjoy wonderful meals. A well-designed and sanitary canteen on campus gives quality food and eatables as well as adequate space for students to unwind and rest.

Sports Facilities

Throughout the year, different activities and sporting events are held at College. Students have access to a variety of sporting facilities.

Hostel Facilities

Outside of campus, we have separate hostels for males and girls. Outside campus hostels are completely secure with full security. CCTV cameras are also installed in hostels. In the hostel room, the institute furnishes a study table, chair, bed, and an almirah.


The institute operates a variety of buses to help students and employees get to and from various locations across the city. All buses are premium and have a large capacity. The institute offers transportation in both villages and cities. The transportation service is available within a 30-kilometer radius. Public transportation buses also go to locations around the school.